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Everything started in one of the regions of Italy which represents the image of our country throughout the world: Campania. From here, we have started our journey, which for over 25 years has seen us deeply rooted in the territory. Throughout the years, we have expanded our sphere of operation, finding partners and experts
in every region of our Bel Paese (beautiful country) without ever betraying our roots.

A love story

The romance with our land is comprised of an appreciation of its beauty and a great professionalism in selecting the best hospitality, catering for every type of customer, as well as the important logistical support to the routes designed by our specialists, down to the choice of the local guides who for us are like real lovers
of the destinations in which they operate daily.

Italy by Gialpi

Artisans of Travel

So, getting you to know Italy has become a passion for us and we still do it with the same attention to detail as we did when we started, like true artisans of travel. Because for those who visit Italy everything needs to be perfect, every single service has to be tested and accurately evaluated, to satisfy every client’s particular needs, no matter where in the world they have travelled from and no matter their expectations.


A continuing adventure

The capacity to tailor our travel itineraries and services in Italy to our clients has always been a focus of continuous improvement for us. This is a never-ending quest to source the best products and remain customer oriented.

That’s Italy

Venice area

Around the jewel of Venice, there is not only the lagoon, but a world of cities and towns rich in history and sublime landscapes, reverberating the beauty of
Serenissima (Venice).

Italian lakes

The calm and peace of the Italian lakes reflects the wonders of historic villas with lush gardens full of colour. Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and Lake Garda welcome
you in their embrace.

Florence area

Florence is a gem that shines with its own light but Tuscany is a paradise of breathtaking landscapes and cities where signs of the greatness of the Middle Ages and Renaissance leave you speechless.


The great capital of Italy is revealed in all its eternal majesty, with the vestiges of the Empire to the masterpieces of the Renaissance, Baroque and Catholicism: squares, museums, churches and cathedrals.


Vesuvius is imposing and casts the light of its grandeur over this wonderful city full of surprises, with a pace of life that pulsates in every corner; lights, flavors and odours in the magnificence of its former glory.

Amalfi & Sorrento Coast

Where sea and sky meet on the horizon, in front of steep cliffs which fall to create small fjords with colorful houses overlooking the sea, surrounded by the sublime smells of lemon trees and flowering perennials.

Capri & Ischia

Two islands are not far from Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Capri is a chic and glamorous haven, a sophisticated destination par excellence. Ischia, with its spas and beaches, is ideal for a relaxing stay and well-being.


An undiscovered region,
its potential enhanced by a pacifying sea
and lush vegetation. Here, history
has left indelible marks of rich,
ancient civilizations.


An island and a world together; the great ancient civilizations have shaped Sicily over the centuries, and have left their traces in majestic temples. Then nature did the rest, giving her wonderful coastlines.

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