Nature, beaches and
charming villages: Western Sicily

A treasure trove of art and natural beauty where the history of Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs and Normans blends with a complex, sunny and generous region. From the beautiful Palermo, to Marsala, you will admire some of the most beautiful and fascinating places in Western Sicily; you will get to cycle along quiet streets, discover ancient villages on an exciting 4×4 adventure, see sparkling salt marshes and wonderful fine sand beaches. Finally, the chance to taste the real street food of Palermo and some of the best wines of the region, you will be left with a memory of a land full of wonders, where well-being and relaxation meet in nature, culture and local specialties.

day 1

Welcome to Sicily

Palermo is the ideal starting point to let yourself be transported to a dimension of pure beauty.

A city of a thousand souls, where Arab domes, baroque churches, Art Nouveau buildings, neoclassical theatres, green areas and characteristic local markets coexist harmoniously, all enclosed in one of the largest and most beautiful historic centres in Europe, so much so that UNESCO has included it in the list of World Heritage Sites.

Take a pleasant stroll in search of the iconic references that have made the city famous all over the world, such as the fascinating Cathedral of Palermo with its unmistakable mix of different styles and the priceless treasures it is home to; Piazza Pretoria with the beautiful “fountain of shame” in Carrara marble, the Church of the “Martorana” with its magnificent Byzantine mosaics and the Palace of the Normans with the beautiful Palatine Chapel.

In addition to art, you can take an interesting stroll to browse the stalls of the lively local markets of Palermo such as Vucciria, BallarĂ² or Capo, and let yourself be tempted by the specialties of local street food: sficione, chickpea panelle, arancine stuffed with meat or cheese, bread with the “meusa” and the unmissable Sicilian cannoli… you will not regret it!

day 2

Cycling to Mondello

Get on your bike and get ready to enjoy a wonderful day outdoors, discovering the renowned seaside resort of Mondello, easily accessible from Palermo through the magnificent Real Tenuta della Favorita Park.

The route that will take you from the city centre to the sea will be a continuous and exciting discovery: along the avenues and tree-lined paths of the park, you will come across green meadows, ancient fountains, aristocratic residences and the beautiful Chinese Palace, in perfect oriental style.

Pedal after pedal; without any effort, you will get to Mondello, framed by crystal clear waters and a fine light sand, where you can decide to relax with a refreshing dip, perhaps near the Old Bathing Establishment in Art Nouveau style that dominates the beach.

When hunger inevitably strikes, you can refresh yourself with a tasty street food “coppo”, before calmly cycling back to the historic centre.

day 3

Villages of the Madonie in off-road

A day dedicated to an exciting experience in a part of Sicily still intact and off the beaten tourist track: the Madonie Park, the “green lung of Sicily”.

On board a powerful off-road vehicle, you will travel along the ancient paths of transhumance and dirt mountain roads completely immersed in nature; you will spot wild animals, take beautiful photographs of enchanting landscapes and stroll through villages of rare beauty.

During this off-road adventure you will also get to sit down to a delicious lunch based on local products.

From the characteristic village of Castelbuono, one of the most beautiful in Sicily, to Geraci Siculo where you can admire the remains of the ancient Castle of Ventimiglia; from the beautiful Petralia Soprana the most panoramic village of the Madonie, to Piano Battaglia at about 1500 meters high in an amazing natural context, your eyes will feast on the beauty!

day 4

From Palermo to Trapani: crystal clear sea, white beaches and cunzato bread

Your experience continues with three must-see places in Western Sicily, alternating relaxing moments of discovery, beautiful beaches and refreshing swims in a sea that has nothing to envy Caribbean destinations.

Stroll barefoot on the soft white sandy beach at San Vito Lo Capo, one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean Sea, before visiting the picturesque Fortress-Sanctuary.

Then you will make your way to Scopello, a tiny village of the seventeenth century, famous for the rock formations, for the beautiful Tonnara and for the clarity of its waters, where you will visit the ancient baglio around which the village developed; a fortified building with a large inner courtyard in which there are bars, restaurants, shops and a large eucalyptus tree.

Captivated by the charm and relaxed atmosphere of these places, you can taste the excellent “cunzato bread”, which is bread filled with fresh tomatoes, local cheese, anchovies, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

Once you have recovered your energy, you can relax on the enchanting beach of Guidaloca with sunbathing, refreshing swims and snorkelling; before reaching Castellammare del Golfo.

With a pleasant walk you will explore this picturesque village; from the pretty old town, to the harbour with tangled nets and fishing boats; up to the Arab-Norman Castle overlooking the sea that gives the village its name.

Once you reach Trapani, the “city of salt” and of the “hundred churches”, you can decide to visit the beautiful old town or alternatively embark on a romantic aperitif by boat at sunset: at sunset, you can admire the Trapani coast from the sea, while between a dip and the other, you sip a delicious aperitif accompanied by local products and snacks.

day 5

The Charm of Marsala Salt Pans

Today you will experience an authentic taste discovering the salt marshes of Marsala in the beautiful Nature Reserve of the Stagnone Islands.

You will walk through tanks, canals, windmills and spectacular piles of salt; you will take splendid photographs of one of the most evocative landscapes of Sicily and you will have the opportunity to taste some pure salts.

Then, aboard a typical flat-bottomed boat, you will reach the Island of Mozia, a real open-air museum of priceless archaeological value; before returning to the mainland for a tasting of 3 liqueur wines, accompanied by delicious local products. In addition, walking through the barrels, you will discover how Marsala is produced, one of the most famous liqueur wines in the world.

Finally, you can lose yourself in the tangle of narrow streets of Marsala, a town that must be experienced calmly, walking around the well-kept historic centre, between the seafront and the squares to admire the churches and the most beautiful buildings.

day 6

Egadi Islands by boat

On board a comfortable boat, you will reach the beautiful Egadi Islands, surrounded by water so clear that you can see the seabed and the fish swimming.

After a pleasant cruise, you will discover the charm and unspoilt nature of Favignana and Levanzo, where in addition to the wonders that nature has given to these islands such as the enchanting Cala Rossa and Cala Fredda; you will see places where legendary battles of the past took place and where some of the oldest tuna fisheries in the world are located.

day 7

Goodbye until the next experience

Your experience ends today, but if you want, you will still have time for one last exciting discovery: the Segesta Archaeological Park with its spectacular Doric Temple, the beautiful Ancient Theatre and a breath-taking panorama!


Palermo, PA, Italia

Castellammare del Golfo

Castellammare del Golfo, TP, Italia

Parco delle Madonie

Parco delle Madonie, Provincia di Palermo, Italia

San Vito Lo Capo

San Vito Lo Capo, TP, Italia


Marsala, TP, Italia

Isole Egadi

Isole Egadi, Italia


Trapani, TP, Italia

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Nature, beaches and
charming villages: Western Sicily

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