Lazio and Umbria discovering
genuine products and unique flavours!

  • DESTINATION: Rome, Umbria
  • MACROZONE: Central Italy
  • THEME: Food Tasting
  • DURATION: Tour - 7 days/6 nights

A taste experience during which you will be led by the 5 senses and your desire for knowledge through two regions that will satisfy any foodie: Lazio and Umbria. You will taste organic, local and seasonal ¬†products directly from the stalls of a picturesque Capitoline market and you will take part in a fun cooking show that will feature all forms and colours of eggs and, of course, his majesty pasta alla Carbonara. Then you will discover the delicious world of Perugina Chocolate and the excellent Sagrantino di Montefalco, you will take a stroll through the fragrant vineyards of the Umbrian hills and taste many delicacies made with passion… are you ready?

day 1

Welcome to Rome: Farmers' Market

Your experience can’t start anywhere else but the beautiful Rome; a melting pot of ancient churches, domes, beautiful squares, legendary fountains, green areas, incredible archaeological remains and the best known monuments in the world.

You will spend a fun and interesting day in the heart of the “Eternal City” which, if you love organic, local and seasonal products, will amaze you with a side of the Capital that is unknown to most people who come to visit: the picturesque Roman Farmers’ Market.

After a short walk in the company of an expert gastronomic guide, you can browse the colourful stalls of the Coldiretti market, the consortium of farmers and local producers, where winemakers, farmers, butchers and bakers describe and sponsor their products.

Here you will taste the seasonal specialties and learn to recognize the best products of the region: from extra virgin olive oil to delicious artichokes, from Romanesque broccoli to chicory, passing through typical cheeses such as Caciofiore di Columella or Marzolina, fresh milk, organic wines, craft beers, fruit and vegetables, honey, Gaeta olives, baked goods and pizza.

day 2

Show Cooking in Rome: Carbonara pasta

This day will be dedicated to one of the most famous and best first courses in the world: Carbonara pasta. Are you ready to discover the look and the taste of the perfect Carbonara?

After reaching the heart of the charming area of Trastevere, you will be greeted with a glass of delicious wine, in a tasty “concept restaurant”, by a very nice and very creative chef who will teach you via show cooking the first carbonara menu of Italy; a real menu dedicated entirely to all shapes and forms of eggs.

Accompanied by chatter and laughter, you will discover which ingredients to use and which steps to follow to make the perfect Carbonara following the traditional Roman recipe; and if you are a vegetarian do not worry, the chef will teach you to cook a dish just as tasty that will also appeal to those who do not eat meat.

Finally, you can taste the “Carbonara a modo Tuo” by choosing the pasta, eggs and bacon that you prefer, in addition to the unusual “Strapazzo”, a golden and fried Carbonara, placed on an ice cream stick to be consumed sitting or while you are on the streets of the Capital… it will remind you that the well-being of body and mind also comes from good food!

day 3

Day off

A day at your disposal to dedicate yourself completely to relaxation or the activities you prefer, perhaps organizing a visit to the famous Vatican Museums, one of the most beautiful museum complexes in the world or strolling through the glittering streets of Roman shopping among luxury boutiques, historic shops, jewellers, elegant ateliers and shops for all budgets where you can let yourself be tempted by some shopping to take back in your suitcase.

In the evening, if you want, you can enjoy an evocative experience on an E-Bike during which, with minimum effort, you can explore Rome at sunset, discovering its fascinating night atmosphere.

From the elegant and lively Piazza Navona with its magnificent fountains, to the scenic Piazza di Spagna; from the magnificent Trevi Fountain where you can try your hand at the unmissable coin toss at the Roman Forum, the beating heart of Ancient Rome; passing through the legendary Colosseum, you will admire the best that this beautiful city has to offer… in a different light!

day 4

Perugia: welcome to the world of chocolate

The time has come to leave Rome for Perugia, a small jewel that preserves the appearance and slow pace of life of a medieval fortified village.

Strolling through its delightful historic centre, you will encounter many unique artistic and architectural treasures such as the beautiful Piazza IV Novembre, whose centre is the Fontana Maggiore, the symbol of the city.

But it is just outside the historic centre that you will visit the Perugina Historical Museum to embark on a fascinating journey to discover the “food of the gods” and an extraordinary success story.

The itinerary begins with a short introductory video, to continue in the Museum Gallery where you will see images, wrappings, packaging and films, including the collection of timeless Caroselli adverts; in addition to a section entirely dedicated to cocoa and its history.

The protagonist of the museum is obviously the iconic Perugina Kiss: devised by Luisa Spagnoli, right through to the record-breaking kiss that is hidden inside.

Have you ever tasted a freshly made Bacio chocolate? It will be the apotheosis of pleasure!

day 5

Montefalco, a diWine village

Surrounded by winding hills, medieval villages and endless expanses of vineyards and olive groves, you’ll get to visit one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Montefalco, famous for the production of excellent wines, including the prized Sagrantino di Montefalco.

Here you will have an interesting multi-sensory experience discovering the excellent Umbrian wines.

After snooping through the barrels in a renowned local winery, you can work on your knowledge of the production process of the great local wines and the importance assumed by the Montefalco wine area for the promotion of Sagrantino.

Finally, during an unmissable tasting you will get to taste the excellent Sagrantino di Montefalco, accompanied by a selection of typical Umbrian products.

day 6

Calesse among the vineyards

On board a characteristic barouche guided by two splendid horses, you will witness the beauty of the trails and vineyards of the lush Umbrian hills, where you can enjoy nature, the scent of the vineyards and the splendid views of the Assisi valley.

Your experience continues with a visit to one of the best-known wineries in the Umbrian wine landscape, to taste excellent wines and a selection of the best cold cuts and cheeses that this region has to offer.

To end the day in the best way, you can taste the delicacies of local cuisine in a typical Perugia restaurant.

day 7

Goodbye to the next experience

Your tasting experience between Lazio and Umbria ends today. We hope you’ve had a good trip!


Roma, RM, Italia


Trastevere, Roma, RM, Italia

Musei Vaticani

Musei Vaticani, Città del Vaticano

Casa del Cioccolato Perugina

Casa del Cioccolato Perugina, Viale San Sisto, Perugia, PG, Italia


Montefalco, PG, Italia


Perugia, PG, Italia


Roma, RM, Italia

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Lazio and Umbria discovering
genuine products and unique flavours!

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