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Vesuvius is imposing and casts the light of its grandeur over this wonderful city full of surprises, with a pace of life that pulsates in every corner; lights, flavors and odours in the magnificence of its former glory.


The city, which has seen a renewal of the urban decor and development projects in recen years, offer some very interesting accommodation.

From the 5 star Grand Hotel Vesuvio, with a wonderful spa, to the 5 star Grand Hotel Parker’s, with its hilltop position over the entire Gulf.

Naples also offers the tempting proposition of boutique hotels, such as La Cigliegina, located in the heart of the city, a short distance from all major points of interest.

Concerning traditional hotels, we have competitive rates at the 4 star hotel Naples, Palazzo Salgar and Chiaia De Charme.


Naples is synonymous with pizza the world over, but only here you can enjoy it to its fullest potential. Our selection of restaurants/pizzeria is wide, from the seafront area (Via Partenope), to the central Via Crispi,
to Via Medina with the historic pizzeria da Ciro.

In addition to pizza, there is a vast culinary offering based on fish, and we cannot forget local gems such as Zi Teresa, in the Borgo Marinaro in front of the Maschio Angioino castle, or tasty lunches at eateries such as Rosati in the beautiful Via Chiaia.

Some of our accommodation offer the opportunity to enjoy fine dining whilst enjoying unique panoramic sea views such as the restaurant Saint George (Hotel Parker’s) and La Terrazza D’Angiò (Hotel Mediterraneo).

Napoli is synonymous with pastry delicacies like babà and sfogliatella. We can offer a selection of historical patisseries, including Gambrinus café, where you can try them along with unparalleled coffee.


Our twenty year presence in the Campania region, allows us to offer
high quality services consistently, thanks to our deep-rooted business relationships with suppliers of local services and the management of the proposed facilities.

Our team of expert guides (all legally authorized), leads you to discover classic itineraries, which include the Duomo and the chapel and the treasure of the city’s Patron, Saint San Gennaro, the Maschio Angioino and Piazza del Plebiscito.

Niche routes to discover an unusual and wonderful Naples, are our specialty. Discover the Chapel of San Severo with its Veiled Christ, a masterpiece of the Baroque. We also offer visits to the Naples sotterranea (underground), a journey through history lasting more than 2.000 years, from the remains of the classic age to the shelters of the Second World War.

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Pompeii has the most visited archaeological site in the world.
Our expert guides are able to lead you to discover the most intriguing and unique corners, like Villa dei Misteri, which has only recently been
re-opened to the general public.

We can offer you the unique chance to visit Pompeii in 3D, thanks to special three-dimensional glasses, which enable you to compare Pompeii in its original splendour to what is left of it today.

Vesuvius is the most known volcano in the world and dominates Naples city and its surrounding areas. Its lethal eruptions have made cities from the past like Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia immortal.
A skilfully organised excursion, which, from an altitude of 1.000 mt becomes a route on foot to reach the best vantage points: from the crater of Somma volcano, to the Herculaneum side, from which you can admire Pompeii and Stabia, to the western side to catch a unique
view of Capri and Ischia.

The fertile soils of the volcano give life to a varied agriculture, amongst which are the indigenous vines which produce wines such as Lacryma Christi and Coda di Volpe. We use a selection of agriturismi to organize enchanting lunches and wine tastings.

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