Hospitality is a trade we know very well. Thanks to this we can select the best hospitality facilities throughout Italy with the certainty of being able to offer the best. Not only hotels, but also typical accommodations, the most exclusive historical and charming residences, or picturesque farmhouses. Trust us: you will discover the true spirit of Made in Italy hospitality.

Historic & Traditional Residence

Whether they are Albergo Diffusi, Masserie, finely restored flats, B&Bs or accommodations closely linked to the territory in which they are located like Trulli, Cummerse, Sassi and Dammusi; their charm remains unchanged and leaves an indelible mark on the memory. These are never trivial structures that, in addition to hotel services, offer the possibility of an immersive experience in villages and urban contexts full of history, culture and traditions, in contact with residents rather than tourists… to feel at home, far from home.


Classic Hotel

These types of facilities differ in stars according to the different services offered to travellers and are usually located in large cities; more precisely, near the historic centre or in those most scenic and picturesque spots. Thanks to their extremely favourable location, they are therefore the ideal solution for discovering the wonders of Italy’s most beautiful cities or for admiring a dream landscape, without ever compromising on the quality of services offered.


Hotel Relais

These are places where the stay is experienced in luxury, with a full immersion in exclusive services dedicated to wellness and more. These generally include a modern and elegant SPA with Turkish baths, saunas and whirlpool, as well as cabins dedicated to exclusive beauty treatments and massages and highly qualified staff. They may be in the city centre, perhaps surrounded by the greenery of a beautiful park, or be isolated like a country house or even in a panoramic position, perhaps with a breathtaking sea view. Allow us to pamper you!


Boutique Hotel

Usually one thinks that hotels of this type are only in larger, trendy cities, but this is not the case. In our country there are many establishments where the “Boutique Concept” aims to infuse the establishment with a unique design in line with the latest trends in modern hospitality, with an accommodation that is always different from one another, refined furnishings and high-quality services that will allow any guest to perceive it in its uniqueness as a product specifically dedicated to him… to satisfy the eyes and the heart!


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