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Every corner of the Bel Paese deserves a visit. Our suggestions for group routes in Italy are only a few examples of all the possibilities that our land has to offer, from the Alps to large islands, through beautiful regions, always with our attention to detail and an original take on the uniqueness of each destination.

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Art and History

If we talk about artistic beauty or traces of history, Italy is second to no other nation in the world. Therefore, our travel suggestions allow you to easily discover it in depth.

Culture and Taste

You may have heard hundreds of times, Italy is gourmet heaven. But if you try to discover original places, flavors and aromas in less obvious places of our country, you can have a deeper experience of what culture and food means.

Culture and Faith

Religion and faith have always moved the people and still there are many that move along the routes of faith. Here are some ideas for organizing itineraries that combine faith and culture, avoiding banality.

Sea and Discovery

Italy is a country that can reveal continuous surprises if you adopt an inquisitive spirit: there are natural places, beautiful coasts, seas and beautiful skies where it is nice to stay and discover.

Italy and its Regions

From the North to the end of Sicily, there are, not one, but many different territories in Italy, shaped by different cultures. Each region is a world within a world, with its own beauty, different but deeply equal.