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Italy is a treasure chest full of the gems that are its cities, its natural landscapes, artistic masterpieces and the excellence of its architecture, as well as havens of taste, where each region has a different flavor. This almost creates small worlds in their own right, to be discovered in countless places that enrich this Bel Paese (beautiful country).

Northern Italy

Protected by the Alps, it is the part of Italy poised between modernity and history. From West to East, from Turin to Venice, following the path of the great river Po, it is a succession of radiant places where development has not erased tradition.
Such is an itinerary that will charm you, even in the kitchen.

Venice area

Around the jewel of Venice, there is not only the lagoon, but a world of cities and towns rich in history and sublime landscapes, reverberating the beauty of Serenissima (Venice).

Italian lakes

The calm and peace of the Italian lakes reflects the wonders of historic villas with lush gardens full of colour. Lake Maggiore,
Lake Como and Lake Garda welcome you in their embrace.


They say it is the economic capital of Italy, but of course it is also about all the latest trends in the country; it is about fashion and architecture.
All innovation flows from here, but you can get lost
in his masterpieces of ancient beauty like the Cathedral
or the Last Supper, just for starters.


An imperial city that has become industrial and now has recovered its place of honor amongst the largest and most beautiful cities of Italy. You can still breathe the sumptuous and elegant atmosphere of the Savoy Kingdom in its squares and buildings with its dozens of beautiful historic shops, which are still open and able to be enjoyed.

Central Italy

The heart of Italy in every sense: this is where much of the culture and art that has contaminated and astonished the rest of the country and the world was born. This gave rise to the Italian language that now unites the different peoples of the regions.
A visit to this part of the Bel Paese is to discover many secrets of this amazing land.


The great capital of Italy is revealed in all its eternal majesty, with
the vestiges of the Empire to the masterpieces of the
Renaissance, Baroque and Catholicism.

Florence area

Florence is a gem that shines with its own light but Tuscany is a paradise of breathtaking landscapes and cities where signs of the greatness of the Middle Ages and Renaissance leave you speechless.


Besides Florence, Tuscany is home to a landscape that captivates with its gentle hills, vineyards and sunflower fields that have become its symbol. Wines and unforgettable cuisine provide a counterpoint to the medieval cities which are almost intact and full of a stories.


Hills, mountains and valleys stretch, still almost untouched, in this small region that is a blend of ancient villages. Places marked by a long history and a deep spirituality with a Franciscan inheritance:
from here today, a message of peace to the world.

Southern Italy

This is the Italy of sunshine, transparent and pristine sea, ancient cultures that have laid the foundation of every artistic and cultural development. Discovering the Southern part of Italy and its magnificent sights means discovering its profound Mediterranean soul, rich in light and heat.


Vesuvius is imposing and casts the light of its grandeur over this wonderful city full of surprises, with a pace of life that pulsates
in every corner; lights, flavors and odours in the magnificence
of its former glory.

Amalfi & Sorrento Coast

Where sea and sky meet on the horizon, in front of steep cliffs
which fall to create small fjords with colorful houses
overlooking the sea, surrounded by the sublime smells
of lemon trees and flowering perennials.

Pompeii & Herculaneum

The treasures of these two cities on the slopes
of Vesuvius were buried for centuries under the lava.
Thanks to skillful excavations, they came to light,
almost entirely, in all their historic beauty:
a visit to them will be like travelling back in time.

Cilento area

A territory that originates from the fantastic beaches on the Tyrrhenian Sea and leads up to the hills of the hinterland via luscious greenery, made up of streams, chestnut and holm oaks, dotted with villages with rich traditions. Myth and mystery then enrich the territory,
starting from the ancient Paestum.


An island and a world together; the great ancient civilizations
have shaped Sicily over the centuries, and have left their traces
in majestic temples. Then nature did the rest.


An undiscovered region, its potential enhanced by
a pacifying sea and lush vegetation. Here, history
has left indelible marks of rich, ancient civilizations.

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