The following are Experiences that will engage all 5 senses. Experiences made of human contacts, questions that find answers, tasty street food, fine wines and incredible urban and natural landscapes. Experiences that tell a story and convey the emotions linked to that story… experiences that will leave something more than just a memory!


Experiences that will lead you through cities of art, charming villages, enchanting ¬†islands, and breathtaking territories, to discover Italy’s rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage; unforgettable routes and itineraries, ancient crafts and authentic traditions.


Beauty in Italy is a timeless classic.



Lively food markets, mouth-watering street food, cooking classes, famous producers and long rows of vineyards are the main components of this Collection: an offer consisting of multi-sensory experiences through the different nuances of the food and wine tradition of Italy.


With us there is more taste!


Slow Tourism

A Collection of Experiences centred on slow rhythms and sustainability, connections, and relationships, to discover Italy at a leisurely pace, gently like in the past, reaching enchanting seaside and mountain villages, as well as places where lush and unspoilt nature are at their best.


Take back your time and enjoy the experience!


Iconic Voyage

Italy is one of the most coveted destinations not only because of its exceptional historical, artistic and cultural heritage that has made it the country with the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, but also thanks to continuous research, technology, the expertise of skilled craftsmen, an innate creative flair and a handful of dreamers who believed in it all the way, myths and legends were born and now everyone envies us.


From haute couture to design, from the automotive world to cinema and handicrafts, discover the best of the Italian Lifestyle and Made in Italy!


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