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Italy is easy to fall in love with, it is true. But to be able to truly love it, you have to be introduced to the depths of its different souls, taken to the heart of its wealth made from the splendour of its art, of architecture that has changed the world, breath-taking landscapes and charming villages, and a cuisine which is always different yet unmistakably unique. Only those who live here may convey to those who visit its most intimate and genuine aspects.
We love Italy so that we can pass that love to you.

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We Create

our products with attention to detail and a choice of quality services to propose unique and unparalleled travel itineraries,
like true artisans.


Costiera Amalfitana

For more than 25 years

we have designed travel packages and with our experience, we can build truly tailor made trips in Italy.

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40 destinations experts

with deep knowledge of what makes them unique, to bring them to life for you and
your customers.

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Italy with a soul, from specialists

In every region of Italy, you will find one of our local experts in places, flavours and emotions, who can transform their knowledge in such a way as to allow you too to fully experience them. They know how to turn a trip to Italy into an experience which is never boring, not limited to leading you only towards the most traditional sites, but guiding you to discover aspects of each region that are not available to everyone. So, you discover with them the true spirit of every region of Italy: the flavours of traditional cuisine, the welcome of the people and all the hidden places to be revealed. Welcome to Italy, welcome home, welcome to Destinitaly.

Our Products in Italy

Individual Trips

Individual trips

We enable

you to travel independently without ever really being alone, guaranteeing all support and with the choice of the best accommodation,
sightseeing and transport.

Group Tours

Rome Groups

We take seriously

the needs of your customers, creating the perfect group tour
for each of them, tailoring it as one would a dress, always perfect
and with all necessary assistance.

Exclusive Travel Experience


We offer

Experiences made of human contacts, questions that find answers, tasty street food, fine wines and incredible urban and natural landscapes… Experiences that will leave something more than just a memory!


Hospitality La Medusa

We select

each day the best of hospitality facilities, from the most exclusive and charme hotels to farmhouses and the most distinctive places to stay,
to really discover Italy.

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2.800 exclusive hotels in Italy
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